• What is THE STEWARD'S WAY?

    THE STEWARD'S WAY is a comprehensive, discipleship study that produces transformational growth in believers of all maturity levels by equipping and challenging them to live as stewards in every area of their lives.

    We firmly believe that Christian maturity comes through community. However, we also know that as believers if we only interact with spiritual content once a week in a small group or in a Sunday School class we are greatly limiting the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to be working in our lives.

    Our goal is not that participants will show up ready to engage, but that they will arrive having already begun the process of engaging with the content and ready to share with the group what God is doing in their lives.

    In order to facilitate this type of personal and communal growth, we have developed an online user dashboard that gives every participant indivdual 24/7 access to study guides, video resources and other useful tools, all available on their personal computers, tablets and smart phones.

    Sample Lesson Video - Click to View

    Getting started with THE STEWARD'S WAY is easy. All you need is a group of individuals with a desire to grow. From there each individual will create an account, purchase the 101 Series and begin the journey towards living the life of a good and faithful steward.

    Contents and Pricing

    Module Contents:

    • 1 Series Study Guide
    • 6 Stewards Minute Videos
    • 6 Lesson Videos (~10 mins.)
    • Review and Life Application Questions
    Module Pricing:

    • $10 Per-Module, Per-Person

    Areas of Impact

    • Stewardship of the Gospel
    • Stewardship of Relationships
    • Stewardship of Time
    • Stewardship of Money
    • Stewardship of the Body
    • Stewardship of the Earth
    • Stewardship of Possesions
    • Stewardship of Talents
    • Stewardship of Jobs
    • And More

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