Our Approach is Intentional

Whole Life Discipleship for the Whole Church

Our Approach is Intentional

Through a carefully designed intentional process, we can train/equip your leadership to effectively disciple your congregation using the lens of whole life stewardship. 

The church should not assume that believers will become mature disciples of Christ by osmosis or by merely attending the church’s worship services. If the church wants to take seriously the command of the Great Commission to make disciples, it needs to develop a detailed “plan of action” on how it is going to engage its current and new members in an intentional discipleship initiative that is going to enlighten and equip them to not just know more, but to start living differently – living like Jesus.

And just as important as personal discipleship is, the church must also have a plan in place to equip its members to also become disciple-makers – giving them both a format and a process they can use to disciple others in how to walk with Jesus in a world that is continually becoming more and more hostile to Christianity.

The Steward’s Way believes the most effective strategy for growing a church is not for the shepherds to go out looking for sheep from other flocks to add to their flock, but to equip the sheep already in their flock to start reproducing more sheep themselves – mature disciples leading people to Christ and then discipling them. This could be characterized as a strategic effort to close the dreaded “backdoor” of the church.