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Whole Life Discipleship for the Whole Church

Our Content is Comprehensive

THE STEWARD'S WAY discipleship initiative is a three year long foundational discipleship roadmap designed to equip your entire congregation to go deep and grow strong.

In our “sound-bite” culture, many churches have abandoned the idea of long-term discipleship training – claiming people will simply not participate in anything that lasts much longer than six weeks. As unfortunate as it is, there is certainly some truth to this cultural condition – making long term discipleship all the more difficult to accomplish.

With this reality in mind, THE STEWARD'S WAY has broken its graded, three year discipleship initiative in nine, six week segments that are spread out over a three year period of time. The rationale for this format is multi-faceted:

  1. Life transformation takes time – lots of time. People can only process so much new information before they reach overload. Spreading the modules out allows the believer (1) to have time to actually process what they have been challenged with, (2) gives the Holy Spirit time to convict, motivate and empower, the believers to make the needed changes in their lives to harmonize their profession with their practice, (3) it allows the church time to take their members even deeper in the areas of discipleship they are most motivated to work on with content and services provided by The Steward’s Way ministry partners.

  2. THE STEWARD'S WAY core curriculum requires only 18 weeks (three, six week modules) of the 52 weeks in church’s calendar allowing it to still emphasize various holidays and other church events or initiatives.

  3. The format of THE STEWARD'S WAY is incredibly flexible. It can be incorporated into the current life and educational program of the church in an almost unlimited varieties of ways that allows every church to add this discipleship initiative into the life and culture of the church without needing to make massive changes to the current structure and operation of the church.

  4. The cost and time required to incorporate THE STEWARD'S WAY into the life of the church is relatively speaking quite minimal. And once it has been fully implemented, it almost runs itself!