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Major Announcement!

Stewardship Ministries is nowTHE STEWARD'S WAY

After nearly six years of developing how to best promote the whole life stewardship message, we have finally landed on what we believe to be the optimal format – THE STEWARD'S WAY – a transformational discipleship initiative. We have invested two years developing the format for this initiative and now over the past year we have been field testing both the format and the content with a handful of key, pilot churches. The impact and transformation that is being reported in individual's lives, small groups, and even the church as a whole from THE STEWARD'S WAY core curriculum has vastly exceeded even our most optimistic hopes.

The Steward's WayWe are now ready to make this powerful and life transforming discipleship initiative available to all churches from any denomination and of any size who desire to make personal discipleship of its members a primary priority. THE STEWARD'S WAY provides a church with the format and the content that can easily be adapted to any church environment.

The good news is that this discipleship training can be rolled out for the entire church, for a limited number of small discipleship groups within a church or just for individual believers who want to go deeper in how to successfully emulate Jesus in every area of their daily lives.

Our New Website

A central part of  THE STEWARD'S WAY discipleship initiative is a totally new website – that outlines the entire discipleship process as well as becomes the place where participants go to sign up and access the core curriculum materials using their own personal devices (smart phones, tablets, or computers), so they can study and review the content as often as they wish, at home or on the go.

Please visit our website for additional information and view one of our latest re-written and re-formatted lesson videos:

"What is My Relationship to My Stuff" 101 Series, lesson 1

Stewardship Ministries' Newsletters

TSW Newsletter

Going forward, The Stewardship Ministries' weekly newsletter will now be coming to you on a monthly basis from THE STEWARD'S WAY. The newsletter content and teaching materials will focus on some aspect of Life Stewardship.

If you are an active subscriber to the Stewardship Ministries' newsletter email list, you will automatically be transferred to THE STEWARD'S WAY. So no action is required to continue receiving our newsletter. However, at anytime if you wish to no longer receive the newsletter, simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the Newsletter and you will automatically be removed from the mailing list.

For more information - please feel free to contact us: